Do You Know How Divorce and Toxic Relationships Affect Your Health ?
Dr. Caxton Opere, the world’s leading expert on the medical complications of divorce, is a board-certified internist, international speaker and pioneer of the 5-Minute Compatibility Tests. 

Dr. Caxton Opere, the facilitator for this event solves the peculiar marriage problems plaguing millions using a unique blueprint, DR. CAXTON'S MARRIAGE BLUEPRINT. This is an arsenal of simple but sophisticated and practical tools for helping you understand how to choose, build, and maintain a happy healthy married life

Ibrahim Dabo, Nayyirah Mohammed, Jeff Moffett, Steven Anthony King, Moirar Leveille and host Dr. Caxton Opere.


Your Risk for a Divorce

''Dr. Opere's presentation have always been revolutionary, live-changing and eye-opening!''

Victor Kwentua, Civil Engr Baton Rouge 


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