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Expensive Weddings Can Increase Your Divorce Risk!

divorce medicine Jan 15, 2021

If you want to be happily married, don’t spend too much money on your engagement ring or wedding! Instead, spend more time and money learning how to build a successful marriage

Spend too much money on your wedding and you’ll likely end up divorced. In a 2005 article I published at the website, I quoted $40,000 as my cut off point for an expensive wedding. later quoted me in their article on expensive weddings. Nine years later in 2014, a study of 3151 couples by Emory University’s Andrew Francis and Hugo Mialon showed that spending more than $2000 on your engagement ring or more than $20,000 for your wedding increased your risk for divorce by 30 percent and 60 percent respectively. That’s spending $17,000 in 2005 based on a calculator at While desiring to spend a lot of money on your wedding could be for good reasons, there are more sinister reasons. It’s more likely that spending that much money on a wedding is an indicator of a much deeply rooted deficiency in substance or character. Last year couples spent an average of $31,000 on their wedding, according to a March 13, 2015 article on the news channels website What does that say for their divorce risk then? If you’re still surprised about the current divorce rates, don’t be. THE MARRIAGE BLUEPRINT is far more important than an expensive wedding or engagement ring in choosing a good marriage partner and building a really sweet marriage.




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