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Your Risk for a Divorce

divorce medicine Jun 10, 2021

Divorce has many medical and non-medical complications. Sadly, divorce increases the risk of death and so can a bad marriage. Sometimes, one divorce is all it takes.

You, therefore, have to choose your mate carefully and behave wisely. Both will drastically reduce your chances of getting divorced. While everyone’s chances of getting divorce calculated by the experts are about 50 percent, your individual risk may vary between one and 99 percent. Doing the right things from early childhood and listening carefully to advice from loved ones and friends and eliminating the 7 Divorce Creating Habits may reduce your individual risk for divorce to about 1%. Your individual risk of getting a divorce is much higher if your parents are divorced or the 7 Divorce Creating Habits dominate your life. You can determine your risk for divorce way before you get married. Some known factors put you at greater risk. One of the most important things you can do if you want to be happy in your...

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Expensive Weddings Can Increase Your Divorce Risk!

divorce medicine Jan 15, 2021

If you want to be happily married, don’t spend too much money on your engagement ring or wedding! Instead, spend more time and money learning how to build a successful marriage

Spend too much money on your wedding and you’ll likely end up divorced. In a 2005 article I published at the website, I quoted $40,000 as my cut off point for an expensive wedding. later quoted me in their article on expensive weddings. Nine years later in 2014, a study of 3151 couples by Emory University’s Andrew Francis and Hugo Mialon showed that spending more than $2000 on your engagement ring or more than $20,000 for your wedding increased your risk for divorce by 30 percent and 60 percent respectively. That’s spending $17,000 in 2005 based on a calculator at While desiring to spend a lot of money on your wedding could be for good reasons, there are more sinister reasons. It’s more...

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