Dr. Fauci’s Dirty Little Covid-19 Secrets!


The Worst Deception in Medical History!

The US milked the vaccine mandates to the very last drop. Many lost their jobs, lives, friends and family because of the many dirty little secrets you’re about to discover. Big Pharma paid virtually everyone that could be paid to keep the profits and mandates going. Lies, upon lies were repeated on the media by journalists, the WHO, trusted government officials at the FDA, CDC, NIAID, and the White House. Much of the scientific evidence against mandates and the coronavirus mRNA Vaccines was suppressed. Many doctors were humiliated or victimized. So while the US Government approved a US patent filed on November 30, 2020 that contained the phrase TREATMENT of Covid-19 MAY INCLUDE THE USE OF HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE ZITHROMAX AND ZINC, the same government officials and medical boards were terrorizing doctors recommending the use of this life saving early treatment regimen that was one of many treatment options for early covid-19. Dr. Didier Raoult was right along!

I am opening this course up to the general public in hopes that all the perpetrators will be caught and brought to justice. Share it with lawyers, important websites snd attorneys as well as human rights activists interested in bringing justice to the pandemic villains. As you go through the modules, remember this course was made available to the public since November 2021.  An additional link to my 16-episode Spotify Covid-19 podcasts from December 2020 through April 14, 2021 is also enclosed below. The truth revealed in this episodes might shock you,

We now know the truths hidden from the general population. This is your access to carefully curated information from multiple published reliable sources on what the pandemic in perpetuity is all about: astronomical greed, power, and political control. What you'll get in this online course is factual confirmed evidence with:

  • A clear map of the origins of Covid-19, who should be held responsible for the unnecessary global spread and the millions of deaths. For example, who built the Wuhan Virology Lab without proper ventilation and then became CEO of Moderna. Why would incompetence breed such promotion?
  • What was predicted by scientists and army researchers to help stop the virus but was intentionally ignored by US government officials at the NIH, CDC and FDA
  • How long we have known what can stop the virus and how government officials and mainstream media betrayed humanity by hiding this information
  • US patents granted for genetically engineered deadlier coronaviruses from as far back as 2010

The courses will be available free for the next few weeks so make the most of them. Share them, talk about the contents, and inform any pro-active  groups suing for damages or abuse, wrongful termination. 
There are 

This information is for educational purposes only. You agree not to hold the publisher liable for any Covid-19 related issues or information related to the material shared in the course.


Here’s my Spotify link to 16 Mind-blowing podcasts you didn’t know was out there for more than 2 years. The only question you’ll be asking is “Why didn’t they tell us these things in 2020”?  



What People Are Saying:

No, thank you Dr Caxton, you have done a great service to TnT and the World. My interview with you increased my passion to help get the message out to stop this genocide.

Sherwin F.

Hello Dr, my family and I hope you're doing well; keep spreading the truth. There is a war against information so I am glad you don't let up!!

Wicked. W….

Thank you for your genius always. Speaking fearlessly.

D. B

Hey Doc. It was absolutely fantastic to have you in the room. Much appreciated. We'll have to speak on a call soon and perhaps plan a big Online event or Summit. Would be brilliant to gather more real doctors like yourself who have the courage to speak up.

S. Cho…

Thank you this is really a good series. I also recommend your book COVID-19 REMEDIES which now has a cover after fighting with Amazon.

K. Su…

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