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It's Time To End Covid-19!

Isn't It Time We End this Perpetual C-19 Pandemic?

I'm sure, you're tired of this perpetual pandemic that's benefitting only a few. As a doctor caring for sick patients for over 32 years, and now Covid patients around the country, I realize something is wrong with this pandemic: people are been herded like cattle and controlled by a few who have hidden the truth from you and I! You have a right to know the truth. This is your access to carefully curated information from multiple published reliable sources on what the pandemic in perpetuity is all about: astronomical greed, power, and politics, at the verge of enslaving all humanity. What you'll get in this online course is factual confirmed evidence with:

  • A clear map of the origins of Covid-19, who should be held responsible for the unnecessary global spread and the millions of deaths. For example, who built the Wuhan Virology Lab without proper ventilation and then became CEO of Moderna. Why would incompetence breed such promotion?
  • What was predicted by scientists and army researchers to help stop the virus but was intentionally ignored by US government officials at the NIH, CDC and FDA
  • How long we have known what can stop the virus and how government officials and mainstream media betrayed humanity by hiding this information
  • US patents granted for genetically engineered deadlier coronaviruses from as far back as 2010

No other course on Covid-19 on the planet this easy to understand can accomplish the same goals in this time frame!

This information is for educational purposes only. You agree not to hold the publisher liable for any Covid-19 related issues or information related to the material shared in the course.