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Dr. Caxton’s One-Payment $97, 90-day Access Fall Sale!

It’s the deal of a lifetime on 4 of my best-selling online courses!

What you'll get for just $97:

  • 5+ hours of the Fundamentals of Covid-19 (C-19) that includes the fraud and crimes of Covid-19 science, and the poisoning of Covid patients with HCQ. This is the shortest comprehensive and concise Covid-19 Course on the entire planet. Others have hundreds of hours of material, if you have that much time to spare! 
  • The truth about the mRNA vaccine mandates 
  • Misinformation featuring Bill Gates, FDA corruption, UK’s Pirbright Institute and C-19 patents filed that should raise your concerns 
  • The 3R Relationship Method: One of the most effective tools for evaluating you and your potential mate to see if you’re Right, Ready, and able to Relate well in your future marriage. 

From the Covid-19 Courses, you should be able to answer these 3 questions:

1. Was the pandemic intentionally designed, and which US patents suggest an intentional design?

2. Are there scientists and experts guilty of crimes against humanity?

3. Which government and private individuals should be held responsible for the current pandemic and why?

The information provided in these courses may assist in indicting the criminals responsible for the Covid-19 pandemic but it is for educational purposes only. It is not to be taken as a substitute for any expert information or the need to see your doctor for any medical condition, illness or emergency. By signing up you agree not to hold the course creator liable for any outcomes related to your knowledge or use of the information. 

What People Are Saying:

Thanks for explaining the following scientific truths about the FACT that the virus needs a HOST to survive. S1 > ACE-2 receptor S2> fusing with the cell of the host The immune system left unchecked leads to symptoms and cytokine storm leading the person to seek medical care.

Gigi B

Thank you Dr. Caxton for your generosity, information, presentation, wisdom and compassion

Louise Ida

I knew the course was priceless.

L. Green